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SiteVault 24R1 Maintenance and Supplemental Releases

Maintenance releases fix issues that affect customers in production environments. This list documents only fixes to general releases, and the list of fixed issues is not finalized until just before the deployment. Supplemental releases provide occasional minor enhancements between general releases.

See the SiteVault Known Issues page for additional issues that SiteVault users may encounter.

May 9, 2024 | Release Number: 24R1.0.3

With this release, Study Connect eConsent users can associate multiple witnesses with a participant and select up to two witnesses to send eConsent forms for signature.

Note This feature must be enabled in your SiteVault by Veeva before it can be used.

May 2, 2024 | Release Number: 24R1.0.2

Component Users Description Issue
eConsent - Countersignature Site Internal Users When using multi-document workflows for eConsent forms, you can now send eConsent forms and complete site countersignatures as expected. SITE-8559
User Administration Site Admin During the user creation process, if you switch between selecting Staff with User Account and Staff (No SiteVault Access) Create As fields, you can now create user accounts without error. SITE-8625

April 26, 2024 | Release Number: 24R1.0.02

This release makes several improvements to Site Documents. Now, canceled Read & Understand workflows no longer update the version of the document, eSigned documents include a signature page when downloaded, and Site Admins can download source renditions for documents in the Effective state.