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Frequently Asked Questions

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Help by SiteVault System Role

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Site Administrator

Help for Research Organization Administrators and Site Administrators. Learn how to manage SiteVault users, documents, and information for your research organization or site.

Site Staff

Help for nonadministrative research staff. For your assigned studies, learn how to work with documents, create study participants, and send participants Veeva eConsent documents.

Monitor, CRA, Auditor

Help for monitors, CRAs, and auditors. Learn how to view information and review documents for studies to which you're assigned.

Comprehensive Support for All Your SiteVault Needs

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Site Support Team

Contact support to get answers on how-to questions, troubleshoot technical issues, or navigate SiteVault.

When to contact the Site Support team:
  • Getting set up in SiteVault Free, for example, USN assingment or creation of a site and first Site Administrator user
  • Troubleshooting login issues or system error messages
  • Answering how-to questions about SiteVault Free functionality
  • Helping you navigate SiteVault Free to find what you’re looking for

Site Success Team

Work with an expert to learn how SiteVault can help you meet your goals.

When to contact the Site Success team:
  • Helping you get the most value out of SiteVault Free
  • Determining SiteVault Free best practices
  • Breaking down barriers that prevent you from making SiteVault Free your primary eISF
  • Providing education and awareness of existing and upcoming features
  • Connecting you with other sites to facilitate community