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Accepting Responsibilities and PI Approval


Accessing and Editing the Delegation Log


Adding New Staff to SiteVault


Assigning Responsibilities


Assigning Study Teams, Partner Organizations, and Products


Assigning Teams and Sending for Approval


Bulk Upload of Regulatory Documents Using the Document Inbox


Completing a Training Envelope


Completing a Training Workflow


Creating a Study


Creating and Managing Patients


Deleting Documents


Document Versioning


Editing an eConsent Form


Enabling Digital Delegation and Creating Study Responsibilities


Exporting Study Documents


Exporting a Training Report


Getting Started With SiteVault as a Monitor or CRA


Granting Monitor Access


Managing Responsibilities


Monitoring for CRAs and Monitors




PI Approval of Staff Assignments


Profile Documents Explained


Resolving Monitor Annotations


Reviewing Documents as a Monitor


Sending Training in Bulk


Sending and Signing an eConsent Form


Site Documents


Site eBinder


Starting a Training Workflow


Uploading Documents to the Library


Uploading Documents to the Study eBinder


Uploading Source Documents


Using the Vault Selector


Veeva SiteVault 101 (English)


Veeva SiteVault 101 (French)


Veeva SiteVault 101 (Spanish)


Why Approve a Document?


Why Can't I See Documents? Things to Check