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SiteVault Known Issues in 24R1 Pre-Release

Release Date: March 25, 2024 (Available to SiteVault Enterprise customers only)

The known issues below affect the SiteVault 24R2 Pre-Release. See the SiteVault Known Issues page for additional issues that users may encounter regardless of the current release.

Components Description Workaround Planned Fix Issue
General When a VeevaID user logs out of SiteVault from Study Connect, their next login opens SiteVault in eISF, rather than Study Connect. To be determined SITE-7271
Study eBinder When bulk approving documents in the Study eBinder, users cannot deselect a document after checking the Select All checkbox. Users can check the Select All box, then remove unwanted items on the next screen. To be determined SITE-7540
User Administration When a Staff without SiteVault access converts to a user account, changes made to the first and last name fields during conversion are not retained. Name changes can be made after saving by the Staff themselves (and in some cases, the Administrator) 24R1.1 SITE-7440
User Administration When a Staff without SiteVault access converts to a user account, changing the email address to an existing VeevaID does not update the email, first name, or last name fields to match those associated with the existing VeevaID. To be determined SITE-7512
User Administration When assigning or editing access & permissions for a Staff or Monitor/External User, the audit trail for the Staff or Monitor/External User record does not log those assignments or edits. To be determined SITE-7619
User Administration When an inactive Monitor/External User is reactivated and added to a study, the save process does not complete and the user is not added. To be determined SITE-7637
User Administration When a Staff without SiteVault access in a multi-site Research Organization is converted to have a VeevaID user account and is granted permissions to some but not all sites, the Staff is unable to successfully access the Vault. To be determined SITE-7680