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Create Staff Users

Who can complete this task?
  • Site Administrators


When you create a new SiteVault user for your site, you can choose from a set of system roles and, if needed, additional add-on permissions. See the About System Roles and Add-on Permissions page to learn more about what levels of access these roles and permissions provide.

Research Organization Administrator users can add users to one or more sites at a time when the research organization is selected in the vault selector. Site Administrators can only add users to their currently selected site.

Creating a Staff User

Complete the following steps to create a new Staff user or add an existing Vault Staff user to SiteVault:

  1. Access the Administration > Staff tab and select Create.
  2. Enter and re-enter the user’s email address, then select Check Email.
    • If a user with that email address already exists in your research organization, enter an email address unique to your research organization.
    • If one or more existing Vault user accounts are found, select the appropriate user account.
    • If no Vault user accounts are found, continue creating the user.
  3. Complete the First Name and Last Name fields.
  4. Indicate if the user is an investigator.
  5. If applicable, complete any SiteVault Enterprise-specific fields:
    • User Account Login Method: Select the appropriate login method.
    • User Name: Enter a user name.
    • Federated ID: Enter the user’s Federated User ID.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select the + Add Site button, select one or more sites, the select Save.
  8. Select the research organization and site system role and add-on permissions. Tip: The Fast Fill tool copies the values populated in the top row to all rows. You can apply the tool, then edit any individual fields that require a different value.
  9. Select Save.