SiteVault Administration

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Monitors and External Users Access and Limitations

There are times when external users such as monitors, CRAs, or auditors will require access to your SiteVault. We have created specific permissions to easily grant them access, but limit their view to the necessary study data.

Access Details

Once added to a study, the external user can view and complete monitoring on documents for the study that are in the approved or steady state. See the section below for more specifics on their access.

  • Access Provides
    • Ability to view and annotate documents in the approved or steady state (major version documents such as 1.0 or 2.0).
    • Ability to start (monitoring) Review Workflows on documents.
  • Access Does Not Provide
    • Visibility to any documents in the Draft state.
    • Ability to edit, upload, or delete documents.
    • Ability to download participant source documents.
    • Ability to view financial documents such as contracts or budgets.
    • Access to the Study Connect application.
  • System Specifics
    • The Scheduled Access Start Date must be a future date.
    • If not completed, the Scheduled Start Date defaults to today and the user immediately has access to the study documents in SiteVault.