Learn how to build your eBinder and upload and manage documents

Find Documents

Use the tools below to easily locate and file documents in the eBinder.

eBinder Navigation
  1. To review a study in the eBinder, select the Documents > eBinder tab, then select a study from the Study Selector in the upper-left corner.
  2. The document folders on the left side of the screen provide easy navigation.
    • Hierarchical folder structure is grouped by Document Type.
    • View documents of a specific type or related to a specific section of a study.
    • Folder descriptions of the expected contents are visible on hover or once a folder has been selected.
    • Document indicators and counts provide at-a-glance folder activity.
  3. Descriptions are displayed for all folders and documents as they are selected.
  4. In addition to selecting folders, filters are provided to assist in locating documents.
    • The eBinder Search bar (located above eBinder table) is available to locate documents in the currently selected folder.
    • Use filters to locate documents related to a specific organization, participant, or person.
  5. Documents are listed in the table on the right side of the screen.
    • Selecting a document will open the Library view of the document in a new browser window.
    • The tabs along the top of the table provide views based on the documents’ approval statuses.
    • The Document Actions menu provides tasks (for example, change status, download, etc.) that are available based on document type and status. To review, select the ellipses menu (…) to the right of the Document Name.
    • A caret is displayed (>) for documents with previous versions available to expand or collapse the view as needed. This viewing option is only available for documents to which the user has access.
    • Select Edit Columns from the table-level ellipses menu (…) to add or remove columns.
  6. The Upload button initiates the eBinder document creation process.


  • Staff users have the “working view,” which includes document versions in the Draft state. This view helps to identify documents requiring attention.
  • External users are limited to the “inspection view,” displaying only the approved and effective documents for the selected study.
  • Site Viewer users can view documents on the Approval Needed tab, but do not have access to approve.