User Introduction

Study Connect introduction for Site Staff and Site Administrators

About User Roles and System Access in Study Connect

Roles and Permissions

Whether an account is created in Study Connect or eISF, every account is a SiteVault account. To manage the needs of different types of tasks and responsibilities, the access levels and study roles vary between the applications.

Access Levels

Study Connect requires two levels of access: Site Staff and Site Administrators. Every user is added as Site Staff with the ability to be promoted to Site Administrator, if needed. An account created in Study Connect will exist in eISF with the same access level. An administrator can edit the user’s eISF access level if a change is required.

Study Assignments and Roles

When a user is granted access to a study in Study Connect, they will also receive eISF access to the study in the Non-Investigator study role. An administrator can edit the user’s eISF study role if a change is required.