User Introduction

Study Connect introduction for Site Staff and Site Administrators

Sign Up for Study Connect

Let’s go! If a specific study has brought you here, be mindful of the study timeline and gain access to Veeva SiteVault as early as possible. The sooner you grant access to your study team, the sooner they can experience the system and start connecting with your study partners.

Before you sign up, confirm whether anyone at your organization has previously used SiteVault. If so, contact the current SiteVault user to gain access to the SiteVault. If the current SiteVault user is no longer at your organization, complete the User Role Change Request form to get started. Should you need assistance identifying the current SiteVault user at your organization, please reach out to our Site Support team.

If your organization is new to SiteVault, please complete the SiteVault signup form. The registration form will collect pertinent information about your site and require you to sign a Terms of Service. When signing up, please provide the name of the sponsor or CRO you are working with in the How did you hear about SiteVault field.

The site staff member who completes the sign-up form is designated as the initial Site Administrator for your SiteVault account. The initial Site Administrator can later assign other users as additional Site Administrators.