Document Exchange

Learn about how to exchange documents with Sponsors/CROs

About Sending & Receiving Documents

Receiving Documents

  • Upon receipt of a document in Study Connect, a Draft copy is stored in the SiteVault Document Library, even if that portion of SiteVault is not in use.
  • Only certain document types can be received from a sponsor or CRO’s vault.

Sending Documents

  • Delivers documents to a connected sponsor or CRO’s Clinical vault.
  • Can send multiple documents at a time.
  • SiteVault users not using Study Connect have the ability to send documents filed in the Study eBinder.
  • Once completed, document action is removed from Document Actions list.
  • Send Additional Documents tool can send up to 100 documents, uploaded or from the SiteVault library.
  • Only certain document types can be sent to a sponsor or CRO’s vaults. For more details, see Document Types.

Send Failures

  • Send failures occurring before actual send attempt will trigger a dialog, advising user to try again.
  • Send failures occurring during send process will trigger an email to the site with a consolidated list (by study) of all send failures.
  • Send failures are displayed as a notification in SiteVault.
  • Send failures are not displayed in Documents > Sent.

Sending a Document Multiple Times

  • When a user attempts to send a document that was already sent, the user receives a warning that the document was already sent.
  • Study Connect will not prevent a user from sending a document multiple times.

Versioning Between Vaults

  • Each vault maintains document versioning independently.
  • If a received document does not already exist in the receiving vault, it is created as version 0.1.
  • If a received document already exists in the receiving vault, it remains at the same version if there is no change to content.