MyVeeva for Patients Upcoming Release

MyVeeva for Patients releases include updates for MyVeeva for Patients, Veeva eConsent, and Veeva ePRO. See the release notes below for information about our upcoming features.

August 5, 2022, General Release


Note Future release dates and information are subject to change. Veeva ePRO is currently available to only early-adopting sponsors and must be configured by Veeva support in Vault Clinical Operations. SiteVault ePRO functionality is available to only sites conducting studies with early-adopting sponsors.

About the Release

Important Dates

Date Event Description
July 11 Pre-Release The release is deployed to the MyVeeva for Patients pre-release environment and available for customers to explore from pre-release Vaults.
August 5 General Release The release is deployed and generally available. The Digital Trials Platform validation binder will be available to customers in VeevaDocs for MyVeeva for Patients, Veeva eConsent, and Veeva ePRO at this time.

Release Information and Impacts

Resource Description Publication History
MyVeeva for Patients 22R2 Release Impact Assessment

The release impact assessment analyzes the regulatory, configuration, and user impacts of the MyVeeva for Patients, Veeva eConsent, and Veeva ePRO features in this release.

Published June 10
What's New

The What's New information provides detailed explanations of the new features for MyVeeva for Patients, Veeva eConsent, and Veeva ePRO.

Available July 1
Fixed Issues

The Fixed Issues list documents issues that affected previous versions or the pre-release and are fixed in this general release.

Available July 15
Known Issues

The MyVeeva for Patients Known Issues page lists issues that affect this release or previous ones and aren't fixed yet.

Available July 15
Maintenance Releases

The MyVeeva for Patients Maintenance Releases page lists releases that fix issues affecting the general release.

Available with the first maintenance release
Digital Trials Platform Release Notes

See the following release notes for more information about new features across the Digital Trials Platform:

  • Clinical Operations and SiteVault Enterprise: The About the 22R2 Release page in Vault Help provides the Vault release dates, resources, and release impact assessment.
  • SiteVault: See the SiteVault Release Notes for information about the SiteVault features in the release impact assessment and to learn what's new for sites.
  • MyVeeva for Patients: The MyVeeva for Patients Release Notes document the impact of this release on MyVeeva users (participants and signatories).
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