eConsent Process

Learn about the eConsent process and tools

View eConsent Form Responses

Note Veeva eConsent may be provided by your sponsor for use on a Connected Study or enabled for your SiteVault account as a paid add-on to use across all studies. Contact the Site Success Team to learn more.

You can view and report on the eConsent form questions, response options, and signatures collected from participants in MyVeeva for Patients during the eConsent process.

  1. Access the study and expand the Participants (Subjects) section.
  2. Select the linked ID in the Study Participant ID column to open the participant record.
  3. Expand the Form Responses section. The participant’s and any signatories’ signatures and responses and associated questions are displayed on a table with additional information such as the status of the response and the associated blank and signed ICFs.

After a participant and any additional signatories complete an eConsent form that contains a signature or questions and response options, SiteVault records the signatures and responses in the participant’s study record. The responses are added in a Draft status and are updated to a Current status once the site user who sent the document countersigns the form. If you send an updated eConsent form with updated signature, questions, and response options, the previous responses are moved to a Superseded status and the newly collected responses are made Current.