Welcome to the SiteVault Community! We are so grateful for your work in clinical research, and we are here to support you in your mission.

Join us to share best practices, hear from other SiteVault customers, and learn about upcoming product updates. This event is exclusively for Veeva SiteVault customers.

Please check back for upcoming community meeting dates!

Recent Customer Community Meetings

Date Topic
August 2022 Product Updates: New training workflows, user roles, and more
Using Reports to Prepare for Inspections
Top 3 Reports to be Audit-Ready
June 2022 Creating and Implementing a Training Plan
Discussion with SiteVault Customers
March 2022 Getting Started With SOPs: Overview
Discussion With SiteVault Customers
December 2021 Release Overview
New Training Offerings
Overview of Year-End Activities
October 2021 Digital Delegation Overview and Q&A
Overview of SiteVault UI Refresh
September 2021 Monitoring Tips & Tricks
Panel Discussion with Customers
Product Updates: Multi-Site Administration, System Roles, & Add-on Permissions
August 2021 Best Practices: Back to Basics
Training Resources: What’s New
What’s New and Next in SiteVault
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System Information
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