SiteVault Known Issues

The known issues below affect SiteVault regardless of the current release. Known issues are provided to assist sites and sponsors with troubleshooting issues.

See the SiteVault Maintenance Releases page for a list of releases that fix issues affecting customers and users in production environments.

Components Description Workaround Planned Fix Issue
eReg - ePRO Study Connect updates to the Participant ID does not remove the Reason for Change field in eRegulatory. When changing the participant ID in eRegulatory, always enter a new reason for the change. To be determined SITE-1608
eReg - General When an inactive external user is made active again, any scheduled access dates on existing study assignments do not clear. Users can manually clear and replace the dates. This is best performed on the detail page for each study assignment. To be determined SITE-1521
eReg - General When there is a Study in Study Connect without an ePRO Code, users are still able to execute the Generate New action. This causes errors that force the user to refresh. None To be determined SITE-689
eReg - General Optional state change to In Sponsor Review after the Send Document to Sponsor/CRO action is not transitioning after a document is sent. This functionality was removed with the 22R3 release. We are evaluating how to best reimplement this in a future enhancement. None To be determined DEV-531759
eReg - Study eBinder When viewed in eBinder, the Document Date field displays a different value than when viewed in Library or Doc Viewer. None To be determined DEV-543263
eReg - User Administration Editing user permissions while the user is logged in may result in the user's site selector changing if the user refreshes their page. None To be determined DEV-524061
Study Connect When accessing Study Connect from system emails notifying that an action is needed, an error is received. Make sure you have the relevant site selected when accessing notification links. To be determined DEV-541684
Study Connect - Document Exchange When a new draft is created to complete Revise and Return steps, the Received from Sponsor/CRO date is set when it should remain blank. None To be determined SITE-1645
Study Connect - ePRO When downloading an ePRO export, the Generated Date field displays the date of the original version when there is a more recent version. Users should proceed with the download. The most recent version of the file is always downloaded. To be determined SITE-1930
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