SiteVault Known Issues

The known issues below affect SiteVault regardless of the current release. Known issues are provided to assist sites and sponsors with troubleshooting issues.

See the SiteVault Maintenance Releases page for a list of releases that fix issues affecting customers and users in production environments.

Components Description Workaround Planned Fix Issue
eReg - General Optional state change to In Sponsor Review after the Send Document to Sponsor/CRO action is not transitioning after a document is sent. This functionality was removed with the 22R3 release. We are evaluating how to best reimplement this in a future enhancement. None To be determined DEV-531759
eReg - Profiles When viewing the Staff Details page for a Staff who is an unregistered VeevaID user, the Site filter on the Study Assignments section will display as empty. This is expected behavior for unregistered Staff users. None To be determined SITE-5413
Study Connect - Document Exchange When you send an eReg document to a Sponsor/CRO, the action is not recorded in the SiteVault audit trail. You can view the document exchange-related information for a document in the Document Exchange tab of Study Connect. To be determined SITE-1773
Study Connect - eConsent When a sponsor edits a site-specific eConsent form that was sent from Study Connect and sends a new version back to the site, the sponsor's most recent changes are displayed in the eReg viewable rendition but are not displayed in the Veeva eConsent editor. None To be determined SITE-1470
Study Connect - ePRO When a survey processing error is received from MyVeeva for Patients, the Survey Compliance Warnings displays an error. None To be determined SITE-5243
Study Connect - General When a multi-site user changes sites while on the Study Connect Document Actions tab, the user is directed to a page indicating that the requested page cannot be found. None To be determined SITE-1294
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