MyVeeva for Patients and Veeva eConsent Known Issues

Release Considerations Veeva eConsent is currently available to early adopters in SiteVault. If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter, contact Veeva support to learn more. Additionally, the releases listed in the Estimate column below are when we plan to resolve the issues, and future release dates and information are subject to change.

The known issues below affect users of MyVeeva for Patients and the Veeva eConsent editor regardless of the current SiteVault release. Known issues are included for MyVeeva for Patients to assist sites with troubleshooting patient issues.

We also recommend that you use a desktop browser for the editor, and you’ll have the best experience in Google Chrome™, Microsoft Edge®, or Mozilla® Firefox®. Using Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 11 is not recommended, and you may encounter additional cosmetic issues that aren’t listed below if you do.

Components Users Description Workaround Resolution
eConsent - Patient Participants You can't use pinch-to-zoom on Android devices to zoom in and out on documents and images. You can update your settings in certain browsers to force zooming to be available. For example, in Google Chrome, you can enable the Force Enable Zoom setting in the Accessibility settings. 21R2.2, 21R3.0