Study eBinder & Document Library

Learn all about the study eBinder and document library in SiteVault.

eBinder Overview

The Study eBinder organizes documents by study, offering helpful views for internal and external users focusing specifically on study document progress. The eBinder is the equivalent of pulling your eRegulatory binder or ISF off the shelf. Each folder represents a set of documents, and upon expanding the folder, you can find each document type available for upload

Finding Documents

Use the tools below to easily locate and file documents in the eBinder.

eBinder Navigation
  1. To review a study in the eBinder, select the Documents > eBinder tab, then select a study from the Study Selector in the upper, left corner.
  2. The document folders on the left side of the screen provide easy navigation.
    • Hierarchical folder structure is grouped by Document Type.
    • View documents of a specific type or related to a specific section of a study.
    • Folder descriptions of the expected contents are visible on hover or once a folder has been selected.
    • Document indicators and counts provide at-a-glance folder activity.
  3. Descriptions are displayed for all folders and documents as they are selected.
  4. In addition to selecting folders, filters are provided to assist in locating documents.
    • The eBinder Search bar (located above eBinder table) is available to locate documents in the currently selected folder.
    • Use the Participant filter to locate documents related to a specific study participant.
    • The Show Drafts toggle button provides the option to include draft versions for users with the appropriate permissions.
  5. Documents are listed in the table on the right side of the screen.
    • Selecting a document will open the Library view of the document in a new browser window.
    • The Document Actions menu provides tasks (ex. change status, download, etc.) that are available based on document type and status. To review, select the ellipses menu (…) to the right of the Document Name.
    • Documents with previous versions available display a caret (>) to expand or collapse the view as needed. This viewing option is only available for documents to which the user has access.
    • Select Edit Columns from the table-level ellipses menu (…) to add or remove columns.
  6. The Upload button initiates the eBinder document creation process.

eBinder Quick Reference Card

The eBinder Quick Reference Card lists all Document Types and their related eBinder section.

Download Document

Complete the following steps to download a document from the eBinder.

  1. Locate the document in the eBinder.
  2. Select the Document Actions menu ellipses (…) to the right of the document name.
  3. Select the preferred download option:
    • Source File: The original document uploaded to Vault
    • Viewable Rendition: A PDF rendition of the document

Document Library Overview

The document library displays all documents that you have access to in SiteVault. With a site selected in the vault selector, SiteVault displays all documents from all studies to which you have access across the site, including any research organization-level documents. With a research organization selected in the selector, SiteVault displays all documents across all sites to which you have access.

Any actions available to you can be found in the All Actions menu (ellipses in the upper right corner).

Library Navigation

To get started, navigate to the Documents > Library tab. Once in the library, you can use the Study Selector and other filters to quickly find the documents you need.

Document Library


Basic Document Search Used to perform basic searches for documents such as by name, document number, site, or study.


Advanced Document Search Used to perform advanced searches for documents such as searching the content of documents.


Study Selector Quickly filter the documents by a particular study.


All Documents Displays all documents to which you have access.


Recent Documents Displays the documents you’ve viewed recently.


My Documents Displays the documents you’ve created.


Favorites Displays the documents you’ve favorited.


Document Inbox Displays unclassified documents to which you have access.


Open Monitor Feedback Displays documents that have been returned to your site from a monitor.


Saved Views Your saved views.


Filters Used to filter the current list of documents.


Save Views Used to create or edit saved views.


Sort Documents Used to sort the list of documents by creation date, modified date, document name, or document number.


Layouts Used to change the layout of the Library, including Detail, Thumbnail, Compact, and Grid layouts.

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