Managing Your Profile

Learn how manage your user profile.

Your User Profile page is where you can view and edit select aspects of your profile such as your name, notification and email preferences, and password. To view your profile, select your name in the upper-right corner of SiteVault, then select User Profile.

Password Management

Changing Your VeevaID Password

To change your password while logged in to SiteVault, select the Go to MyVeevaID Account link in your user profile, enter your current password and new password, then select Save Your Password. Your password is updated automatically.

Resetting Your VeevaID Password

If you cannot log in to VeevaID and need to reset your password (locked out after 5 failed attempts), you can wait 12 hours or select Having trouble logging in? on the VeevaID login page. Once prompted, enter the email address associated with your VeevaID account, then select the Reset Password button. Follow the reset instructions sent to your associated email address.

VeevaID Password Rules

  • Must be eight or more characters in length
  • Must have one uppercase letter
  • Must have one lowercase letter
  • Must have one number

Updating Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is visible to other users and appears in various places across all vaults to which you have access. Complete the following steps to add or update your picture:

  1. In your user profile, select the upload button (Profile Image Upload Button) on your profile picture.
  2. In the dialog, select Choose and select a picture from your computer. You can remove your profile picture by selecting the Use default image option.
  3. Select OK.

Updating Your Profile Information

You can update or add profile information such as your name, company and contact information, location, time zone, and language. To do so, select Edit in your user profile. Select Save when you’re finished.

If you want to set your preferred time zone, language, and locale, select new values from the lists in the General Information section. Note that if you update your language, certain features of SiteVault such as the Help and Talk to Veeva tabs are not translated.

If you want to update your notification and email preferences, select or deselect the checkboxes in the Notification and Email Preferences section. If you select the Every Occurrence check box, SiteVault sends you a notification or email for every event of that type; if you select the Summary check box, SiteVault groups events of that type into a single daily notification and email digest.

Veeva Support

When you need assistance from Veeva Support, it can be useful for them to see your SiteVault from your perspective. Use this tool to set a timeframe for Support to access your SiteVault. Any action taken by a Veeva Support agent while logged in as you appear in the audit trail as Veeva Support on behalf of [your SiteVault user name].

Grant Support Access

Grant Access to Support

Complete the following steps to grant access to Support:

  1. Select an access duration.
  2. Select Grant Access.

Revoke Support Access

To withdraw access from Support, select Revoke Access.

Edit Access Duration

Complete the following steps to edit the access duration:

  1. Select a new duration.
  2. Select Change Expiration.

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