Disconnecting Your Study from ePRO

Disconnect your study from ePRO as necessary.

Note Veeva ePRO is only available to sites conducting a study whose sponsor is utilizing Veeva ePRO in a Clinical Vault.

Site administrators can disconnect your study from ePRO at any time. When you disconnect ePRO from a study, all active ePRO participants stop receiving surveys and survey-related notifications, and they receive a notification informing them that they completed their participation in the study.

Once your study is disconnected from ePRO, you’re no longer able to enable participants with ePRO. However, if your study captures survey data, the survey, adherence, and audit trail data is still available for you to export from the study record page.

To disconnect your study from ePRO, complete the following steps:

  1. On the study record page, select the ellipses (All Actions ellipses icon).
  2. Select Disable ePRO. There may be a delay while your ePRO disconnection is processed, and you receive a notification when it’s complete.

Connecting Your Study to ePRO
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