Site Documents

Use SiteVault to manage your SOPs, work instructions, and site policies.

Site Documents

You can use SiteVault to store and manage your site’s business process documents. Document workflows for eSignature and training (Read and Understand) are available to help your site stay current and organized.

Site documents are documents that provide evidence of your site’s internal processes and operations. While a sponsor or monitor may request to review these documents for your site to participate in a study, they aren’t related to any specific study and won’t appear in the Study eBinder.

  • Site Documents are stored and managed in the Document Library.
    • Staff can view only steady state (“Effective”) documents.
    • Site Admins can view all states as well as create.
    • External users will not have access to site documents in the Document Library; any sharing of site documents would occur outside of SiteVault.
  • Site Documents Document Types
    • Policy Memo
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Work Instructions
  • A preset Library view is available for quick access to your site documents.
  • Site Documents use the Draft to Effective lifecycle.
  • Admins with access to multiple sites can associate site documents with multiple sites
    • The Site field is editable during creation and is defaulted to the site in the Site Selector.
    • The Site field is editable on an existing document.
    • To associate with multiple sites, select the Research Organization in the Site Selector.
  • Site Documents are available in the reporting tool to track data such as SOP training and expiration dates.

Site Document Tasks

Add Site Documents View to Library

A preset Site Documents view can be added to your Library sidebar (Saved Views) for quick access to all of your site documents.

To add the Site Documents view to your Library sidebar, complete the following steps:

  1. Access Documents > Library.
  2. Select the Views edit icon.
  3. Select the Site Documents plus button.
  4. Select the X to close.

Create a Site Document

To create a site document, follow the steps to create a document from the Document Library.

Finalize a Site Document

To finalize to the steady state, Site Admins must send a document through the eSignature Approval workflow.

Send for Read & Understand

For training purposes, Site Admins can send a document through the Read & Understand workflow.

Managing Source Documents for Monitoring
Multi-Document Workflows

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