Managing Participants

Onboard study participants and streamline study visits

Onboarding Participants

Creating a Participant

Note Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is never shared with the sponsor.

  1. Ensure that you are in the study you want to add the participant to, and in the Participants tab, select Add Participant. {Example Participants List page with the Add Participant button outlined}
  2. If a SiteVault connection exists, you can select their participant from the list and select Next. If no participants are displayed, select the Add New Participant link under the list.
  3. Enter or review the participant’s information, and select Next. To streamline the sign up process for participants, Veeva recommends adding an email and phone number. {Add Participant Dialog Box}
  4. If necessary, select group information.
  5. If necessary, add caregiver information for the participant, and select Next. {Add Caregiver Details Dialog Box}
  6. Confirm that the participant information is correct, and select Confirm.
    Note: The status on the participant list is not updated until you refresh the page.
  7. Select Close.

Generating an Activation Code

If the participant or caregiver is not able to register with the code that was provided, you can generate a new code. You can also generate this code to allow a participant to reset their login information.

  1. In the Participants tab, select a participant’s ID.
  2. Select Get Activation Code, and if needed, select For Participant or For Caregiver to indicate which code you want to generate.
    {Get Activation Code Section of the Page}
  3. Direct the user to enter the activation code in their app. The activation code expires thirty days after you generate it.
    {Activation Code Example}

Resource in Participant Help

Completing Registration