Managing ePRO Notifications

Learn more about the ePRO notifications you receive in SiteVault.

Note Veeva ePRO is only available to sites conducting a study whose sponsor is utilizing Veeva ePRO in a Clinical Vault.

When your site is connected to ePRO, you receive notifications when ePRO-related documents and data are ready for download and when new ePRO collection documents are created for your study. You may also receive notifications about a participant’s ePRO-related events if your study’s sponsor configures them in the study’s ePRO. Below are some notifications that are standard for every ePRO-enabled study in SiteVault, as well as participant-related notifications that you may see if your study’s sponsor uses them:

System ePRO Notifications:

  • When connecting ePRO to your study is successful or unsuccessful
  • When disconnecting ePRO from your study is successful
  • When enabling ePRO for a participant is unsuccessful
  • When disabling ePRO for a participant is unsuccessful
  • When a new ePRO collection document is created successfully
  • When a new ePRO data export is available for download
  • When approving a new version of an ePRO collection document is unsuccessful
  • When assigning a participant to a new version of ePRO results is unsuccessful
  • When entering, updating, or deleting a participant event actual date time is unsuccessful

Participant-Related ePRO Notifications (if used by your sponsor):

  • When a participant has yet to complete a survey that’s currently available to them
  • When a participant misses a survey or multiple surveys

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