Overview of Connected Studies

Learn about and how to get started with Connected Studies in SiteVault.

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Overview of Connected Studies

Connected Studies are studies where you can send documents to and receive documents from a sponsor or contract research organization (CRO) directly in SiteVault. Veeva sells technology to sponsors and CROs that powers these connected studies. This technology is known to sponsors and CROs by the name Veeva Site Connect.

Sponsors and CROs will communicate that a study will be connected during site selection. The sponsor or CRO’s vault is connected to your SiteVault using your Universal Site Number (USN, a unique number for your site that’s assigned by Veeva after your SiteVault signup is approved). If a sponsor or CRO requests your USN, you can find it by navigating to the Profiles > Sites tab and opening the record for your site (by selecting it). The USN is displayed in the USN field in the Details section.

Finding your site's Universal Site Number (USN)

The Site Administrator users for your site will receive an email notification and a task to accept a connected study invitation. Once accepted, an active connected study allows you and the sponsor or CRO to send documents to each other directly in Vault. Once the study is completed, the sponsor or CRO will inactivate the connected study, which will end the exchange of documents for the study.

A Connected Studies icon (Connected Study Icon) is displayed on the study record page for studies with an active connected study. The icon indicates that users can use SiteVault to exchange study documents directly with a sponsor or CRO’s vault.

See the SiteVault Document Types Reference spreadsheet for the document types that can be sent to a sponsor or CRO on a connected study.

Getting Started

See the following pages for more information on how to get started with Connected Studies:

  • Connected Studies Videos: See the Connected Studies page to watch short how-to videos on how to get started with a connected study and exchanging documents.
  • Accepting Study Invitations: For Site Administrator users, see the Accepting Study Invitations page to learn how to review and accept a study agreement sent from a sponsor or CRO.
  • Managing Regulatory Document Requests: For Site Administrator users, see the Managing Regulatory Documents Requests page to learn how to complete a regulatory document package request.
  • Sending Documents to Sponsor/CRO: See the Sending Documents to Sponsor/CRO page to learn how to send documents to a sponsor or CRO.
  • Confirming the Receipt of Safety Documents: For Site Administrator users, see the Confirming the Receipt of Safety Documents page to learn how to acknowledge the receipt of safety documents or enable the auto-confirmation of safety documents.

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