Site Admin: Set Up Your Site

User Access

Consider your site staff and the expected tasks to be completed in Study Connect. Determine who will require Study Connect access and create a Site Staff record for each. It is good practice to have at least two users to ensure that your team has a primary and backup user. However, there is no limit to the amount of users you can add.

See the Site Staff page for instructions on all user administration tasks.

Site Administrators

As only Site Administrators can complete certain tasks, we recommend that you designate at least one other staff member as a backup administrator. You can promote Site Staff users to a Site Administrator user as a temporary or permanent assignment.

Site Administrators have the ability to complete the following tasks:

  • Manage users
  • Manage study access
  • Accept invitations
  • Edit studies
  • Complete study tasks

Connecting with Your Sponsor or CRO

Every site in SiteVault has a Universal Site Number (USN). This is a unique number for your site that is assigned by Veeva after your SiteVault signup is approved. The sponsor or CRO of your upcoming study needs your USN to initiate the invitation to connect. Share this number with them once you have gained access to your SiteVault.

How to Find Your USN

While in Study Connect, you can find your USN by positioning your pointer over the site name in the upper-right corner of SiteVault. eReg users can also find their USN on their Site record in the Administration > Sites tab.

Next Steps

Your site is ready to go! Your study sponsor or CRO will soon send an invitation to connect. The invitation will be displayed in the Study Connect Studies tab. While you wait for your invitation to arrive, you and your staff can review the User Introduction or view some of our training videos to familiarize yourself with Study Connect tools and navigation.

Site Admin: Introduction
Site Staff: Introduction
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