SiteVault FAQs

Answers to some of SiteVault’s most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

This page provides answers to FAQs about getting started with and the basic functionality of SiteVault. To view more FAQs about other workflows and features of SiteVault, see the following pages:

  • Connected Studies: Answers to connected studies FAQs such as where to find your research site’s Universal Site Number (USN) and how to send training logs to a sponsor or CRO.
  • Documents: Answers to FAQs about working with documents in SiteVault.
  • Managing Users: For Site Administrator users, answers to FAQs about creating SiteVault user accounts and managing system access and permissions for staff members at your site.
  • Patients and Participants: Answers to FAQs about managing patients and participants in SiteVault.
  • Remote Monitoring: Answers to FAQs about using SiteVault for remote monitoring.
  • Studies: For Site Administrator users, answers to FAQs about working with studies in SiteVault.
  • Veeva eConsent: Answers to FAQs about Veeva eConsent.

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