Overview of System Roles & Add-on Permissions

Learn about the system roles and add-on permissions for SiteVault users.


SiteVault system roles and add-on permissions define the levels of access that users at your research organization or site have to the system. The system roles define what documents and information a user can access and manage. The add-ons provide flexibility to extend additional permissions to a user’s system role to serve the unique needs of your research organization or site.

Research Organization Administrators and Site Administrators can create users and manage each user’s system roles and add-ons. See the Managing Users page for more information.

The system roles and add-ons are based on how information is structured in SiteVault, where documents and data can exist at the level of the research organization, site, or study.

SiteVault Information Architecture

System Roles

Every user in SiteVault must be assigned a system role at the research organization level and at least one site. The following system roles are available:

Level System Role Description
Research Organization Research Organization Administrator Provides full access to all data and functionality in SiteVault. Users with this system role can create and manage user accounts for the entire research organization (across multiple sites, if applicable).
Research Organization Staff The basic system role for all nonadministrative research staff. Provides view-only access to research organization-level information.
Research Organization External The basic system role for monitors, CRAs, or auditors. Provides no access to any research organization-level data and documents.
Site Site Administrator Users with this system role can view and manage all information and documents, adjust settings, and add new users at the site level.
Site Staff The basic system role for all nonadministrative research staff. Users with this system role can create documents, manage study participants, and send eConsent documents for their assigned studies.
Site External Provides read-only access to SiteVault. The user can be added to Study records to view limited study-level documents and data.
Site Viewer (All Studies) Site staff with this role can access (but not edit) study information and documents, as well as participate in relevant workflows.
No Access Removes a user’s access to the site.

Add-on Permissions

In addition, one or more additional permissions can be added to the Research Organization Staff and Site Staff system roles to extend a user’s access to certain data and documents:

System Role Add-on Permission Description
Research Organization Staff Patients & Recruiting Adds the ability to create and manage Patient profiles across the research organization and its sites.
Site Staff All Studies Budgets & Contracts Adds the ability to view all studies and manage all legal and financial documents for the site.
All Studies Patients & Recruiting Adds the ability to view all studies and fully manage all Patient profiles and Participant study records.
Site Profiles Adds the ability to create and manage site-specific profile information for staff, organizations (such as IRB/IECs or sponsors), and products.

About Your Context in SiteVault

For Research Organization Administrator users and users with access to more than one site, the value selected in the vault selector determines the documents and data that can be accessed. See the Using the Vault Selector section of the Navigating SiteVault page for more information.

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