Successful First Steps

Learn the most efficient steps for creating studies.

Note Only SiteVault users with the Site Administrator system role can complete the tasks on this page.

Starting off Smart

When creating a study there’s an important best practice for the order in which components are entered. Follow the steps below for the most efficient study creation.

Study Stages

While you may be tempted to start uploading documents right away, this approach will likely slow your progress. Documents have fields that must be completed when uploading to SiteVault. Those fields are completed with previously entered data. If that data hasn’t been entered, you’ll have to cancel your uploads, create the study information, then start your upload again; this is why we recommend the following steps:

  1. Create user accounts for your study team members
  2. Add the study along with the following study assignments as needed:
    • Assign study team members
    • Assign partner organizations
    • Assign products
  3. Upload documents

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