Setup Assistant

Learn how to use the Setup Assistant to get started fast with SiteVault.

Note Only SiteVault users with the Site Administrator system role can complete the tasks on this page.


The Setup Assistant enables you to get started fast with SiteVault. Located in the Setup tab, use the assistant to create SiteVault users, upload their profile documents, and grant them access to studies all in a single workflow. See the sections below for more information on the sections of the Setup Assistant.

Before getting started, ensure that a record for your study exists in SiteVault. See the help for creating studies for more information.

To get started, ensure that your site is selected in the vault selector, then select the Setup tab.

Adding a Staff User

Use this section to create SiteVault user accounts for your site staff. See the following help pages for more information on creating users and granting system access and permissions:

When you save the new user, the Upload Staff Documents section of the Setup Assistant is displayed.

Uploading Staff User Documents

Use this section to upload documents for the user created in the previous section (alternatively, you’re prompted to create or select a user first if you begin in this section).

Follow the instructions in the assistant to select or drag and drop the documents. Once uploaded, complete required and any optional information for each document. When you save the documents, the Assign User to Studies section of the assistant is displayed.

Note When you add profile documents using the Setup Assistant, the documents are automatically created as a major version (a 1.0, Current-state version). You don’t need to manually promote the document to Current.

Assigning a Staff User to Studies

Use this section to assign the user from the previous sections to one or more studies (alternatively, you’re prompted to create or select a user first if you begin in this section).

To assign a user to a study, select a study and study role from the lists. Select Add Another Assignment if you have additional studies that you want to add the user to.

See the help for Managing Study Assignments for more general information on assigning site staff to a study.

Note When you assign site staff to a study using the Setup Assistant, the study assignment is automatically made Active. If you have the Digital Delegation feature enabled, the study assignment is in a Proposed state.

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