Navigating SiteVault eRegulatory

Learn about the vault selector and tabs in SiteVault.

Using the Vault Selector

Important! Always ensure that the correct context is selected in the vault selector to avoid uploading documents to the wrong site.

Using the Vault Selector

The vault selector enables you to navigate among your research organization and site or sites in SiteVault. The information and documents that you can access or manage are determined by the context that’s selected.

  • Research Organization: With the research organization selected, you can view data and documents across all sites to which you have access as well as any research organization-wide profile data such as organizations, products, patients, and responsibilities. For users who have research organization-level permissions, you can also create and manage certain research organization-level information.
  • Site: With a site selected, you can view site-level data and documents only for the currently selected site. You also can view any research organization-wide data.

To select a site or research organization using the vault selector, select into the vault selector and select the site or research organization from the list.

The names of the research organization and sites that are displayed in the vault selector are their Display Names. If needed, a Research Organization Administrator or Site Administrator user can update the Display Names to be most meaningful for your site staff and monitors.


Note The tabs that are available to you are determined by your system role, any add-on permissions, and features enabled for your site.

You can use the tabs on the primary navigation bar to access different pages in SiteVault.

Tab Description
Home View notifications and any tasks (such as document approvals) that are available for you to complete.
Documents > eBinder Find all approved and previously approved document versions for a study in a folder structure.
Documents > Library Find any version of any document (including working, approved, and previously approved versions).
Documents > Source Upload Upload source documents.
Documents > Regulatory Document Requests View and complete requests for regulatory documents for a Connected Study.
Studies Create new studies and review existing studies. A study must be listed here before you can create a document for that study. Under a study, add and track study team members, monitors, partner organizations, and study products.
Profiles > Users Add and manage users for your site, including adding external users such as a sponsor or contract research organization (CRO). Users listed here can be used as metadata fields on documents and are available to be added as study team assignments to studies.
Profiles > Organizations Lists all the organizations (sponsors, CROs, IRBs, labs, and so on) that your site works with on studies. Organizations listed here are used as metadata fields on documents and are available to be added to studies.
Profiles > Products Lists all the investigational products that your site is working with or has worked with on studies. Products listed here are used as metadata fields on documents and are available to be added to studies.
Profiles > Sites Manage your site’s information and settings.
Profiles > Patients Create and manage Patient records for your site.
Profiles > Responsibilities Create and manage Responsibility records for your research organization or site.
Reporting > Reports Lists the reports available to organize and analyze your data and documents in SiteVault.
Reporting > Dashboards Lists the dashboards that provide an at-a-glance understanding of your data and documents in SiteVault.
Reporting > Deleted Document Records View the records and audit trails of deleted steady-state documents.

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