Using the Review Workflow

Learn how to send documents for review.

Send for Review Workflow Overview

The Review workflow allows you to request other site staff users to review a document and provide feedback using the annotation tool.

  • Available on the following lifecycles:
    • Draft to Approved for Use
    • Draft to Current
    • Draft to Final
  • Review is a Multi-Document Workflow; you can send multiple documents to multiple reviewers.
  • Reviewers can provide feedback by using the integrated annotation tool.
  • Once feedback is applied, annotations can be removed manually or by using the Delete Annotations workflow.
  • Annotation details are not included in the audit trail.
  • The start and completion of the Delete Annotations workflow is included in the audit trail.
  • Not available on source documents.
  • When a document is sent for review, its status changes to In Review.
  • When all document review tasks are completed, its status goes back to Draft.

Review Workflow Tasks

To simultaneously send multiple documents for review, see Multi-Document Workflows.

Send Document for Review

Complete the following steps to send a document through the Send for Review workflow:

  1. Locate and select the document from the Library or eBinder.
  2. Select Send for Review from the Workflow Actions menu.
  3. Complete the Reviewers field with at least one user or group (must be assigned to the study).
  4. Complete the Due Date field.
  5. Select Start.

Complete a Document Review Task

Complete the following steps to complete a document review task:

  1. Locate and open the document from My Tasks, Library, eBinder or the notification email.
  2. Follow the task instructions.
  3. If applicable, annotate the document using the Annotation tools.
  4. Select Complete when all feedback has been noted.
  5. Select Complete to confirm your intent.

Annotation Tool


Resolve Annotations

When an annotation interaction is complete, you can resolve the note.

Complete the following steps to resolve an annotation:

  1. Locate and select the document from the Library or eBinder.
  2. Select View Annotations.
  3. Take any necessary steps to resolve the annotation.
  4. Select the annotation checkmark if an additional review is not necessary.

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