Multi-Document Workflows

Learn how to simultaneously send multiple documents through a workflow.

Using Multi-Document Workflows

A multi-document workflow allows you to simultaneously send multiple documents through a workflow to multiple participants.

SiteVault offers multi-document on the following workflows:

  • Read and Understand: Send one or more study documents to study team members. Each recipient must confirm they have read and understood each study document. For more specifics on the Read and Understand process, see Read and Understand workflows.
  • Send for Review: Send one or many documents to colleagues who can provide feedback using the annotation tool.
  • Send for eSignature: Send one or many documents to multiple signatories to approve a record (not PI oversight).

Selecting Documents

Starting Workflows from the Library
When starting a document workflow from the Library, SiteVault includes all documents in your current view. For example, if you start a workflow from Favorites, SiteVault includes all documents in your Favorites in the document workflow. If you perform a search or apply filters before starting the workflow, SiteVault includes only the matching documents.

Starting Workflows from the Cart
When starting a document workflow from the Cart, SiteVault includes all documents in your cart. This allows you to select the documents you want to include in the document workflow envelope.

Multi-Document Workflow Limitations

  • Some document workflows are only available on specific document lifecycle states.
  • You cannot start a document workflow in the following situations:
    • If any of the selected documents is already in an active workflow
    • If there are more than 100 documents selected
    • If a document workflow is associated with a specific lifecycle, the workflow may only allow documents in a certain state or with specific fields configured. You will not be able to start the workflow if one or more documents don’t meet the specified conditions

Multi-Document Workflow Tasks

Start a Workflow for Multiple Documents

Complete the following steps to initiate a multi-document workflow:

  1. Filter to the selected documents in the Library or Cart.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Start Workflow. You can include up to 100 documents in the workflow.
  3. In the start dialog, select a specific workflow from the Workflow drop-down. SiteVault only displays workflows that are active and valid for the selected documents.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. If prompted, provide a Description. SiteVault uses this value as the Name for the Envelope record.
  6. Assign task recipient(s).
  7. If available, add task instructions. These instructions will appear in the All and My Tasks notifications as well as on the document task ribbon.
  8. Fill in any required field values or variables.
  9. Select Start.

Complete Assigned Tasks

Within a document workflow, you may have tasks that require you to provide a task verdict for each document in the workflow envelope. You can easily see which documents you have viewed in the multi-document viewer. The titles of documents that you have not yet viewed appear in bold while viewed document titles appear unbolded.

To complete assigned tasks, follow the steps below:

  1. After starting a document workflow, navigate to Home > My Tasks.
  2. Click the Complete or Continue button to open the document workflow viewer.
  3. If you have an available task: In the workflow header, click Accept. Note that once you have accepted a task, you can click undo acceptance to release it. Once released, the task is again available to any of the assigned users.
  4. Click the Complete button in the workflow header.
  5. A confirmation dialog opens. Review the message and click Complete to proceed.
  6. If your workflow prompts for an eSignature: Enter your username and password to provide an eSignature.

Timeline View for Document Workflows

The document workflow task page includes the Timeline View option to provide a bird’s-eye view of workflow-related events. The Timeline View shows a maximum of 100 tasks.

Accessing Timeline View

To open this view within a document workflow task page, click the Timeline View button from the layout selector toolbar.

Actions in Timeline View

From Timeline View, you can click View Workflow History Report for a workflow row to review the workflow and task details using a report. You can also use the Actions menus on active workflows and tasks to access related options such as Cancel Workflow, Cancel Task, Add Participants, Update Due Date, and Reassign.

Update Task Due Dates

To set or update a task due date:

  1. Navigate to the workflow’s Timeline view.
  2. From the task Details Actions menu, select Update Task Due Date.
  3. In the dialog, select a new date in the Task Due Date field.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Vault notifies the task owner of the updated due date.

Remove Documents

When you remove a document from a document workflow, Vault uses the Workflow Cancel State to move the document to an appropriate lifecycle state. If the envelope contains only a single document, you cannot remove it.

To remove a document from a workflow:

  1. Hover over the document’s name in the list on the left side of the viewer.
  2. Click the X icon.
  3. In the confirmation window, click Continue to confirm. This action is not reversible.

Cancel Workflows

Sometimes it is necessary to stop an active workflow and remove all outstanding tasks from participants’ lists. When you cancel a workflow, the workflow content returns to the state it was in before the workflow started.

To cancel an in-progress workflow:

  1. Navigate to Home > Active Workflows or to the Workflow Timeline view.
  2. Click on the Actions menu and select Cancel Workflow.
  3. If prompted, provide a comment for the cancellation.
  4. In the dialog, click Continue.

Replace the Workflow Owner

If you have the correct permissions, you can replace the owner of an active workflow. Vault reassigns all current tasks that were assigned to the Workflow Owner participant group to the new owner, and all future tasks will be assigned to the new owner.

To replace the Workflow Owner:

  1. From the workflow’s Actions menu, choose Replace Workflow Owner.
  2. In the dialog, select a user to replace the current workflow owner. Only users with permissions to start this type of workflow are available as replacement owners.
  3. Click Submit.

Email Workflow Participants

This action allows you to send an email to one or many workflow participants to remind them of approaching or past due task due dates or to notify them of workflow changes.

To email workflow participants after the workflow has started:

  1. Navigate to Home > Active Workflows, the Timeline View of the Doc Info page, or the Active Workflows panel.
  2. From the workflow’s Actions menu, choose Email Participants.
  3. In the dialog box, choose the Recipients of the email.
  4. In the Message field, enter a message.
  5. To include yourself as a recipient, select the Send a copy to myself checkbox.
  6. Click Send.

Participant Groups

When emailing workflow participants, you may see the following recipient groups available for selection:

  • Available Task Owners: Users who have a task available to accept.
  • Completed Task Owners: Users who have completed the current or previous task.
  • Pending Task Owners: Users or groups who have accepted an available task, but have not yet completed it. Future tasks are not included.
  • Incomplete Task Owners: Users who have not yet completed an assigned task. Future tasks are not included.

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