Managing Monitoring Reviews

Watch the videos or follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to resolve monitor review feedback.

Viewing Documents Returned to Site

If a monitor requests that you resolve review issues on a document, you’ll receive an email notification from SiteVault notifying you of the request. You can open the task by selecting the link in the email. Alternatively, you can also find open tasks in the following places:

  • All Tasks: Navigate to the All Tasks view of the Home tab. Any monitor review tasks that are assigned to you are displayed as Address Review Feedback tasks.
  • Monitor Review Dashboard for Sites: Navigate to the Reporting > Dashboards tab and open the Monitor Review Dashboard for Sites. Here, you can view all documents waiting for a response from the site, documents not ready for review, and more.
  • Open Monitor Feedback: Navigate to the Documents > Library tab and select the Open Monitor Feedback view.

Resolving Review Feedback

Complete the following steps to resolve monitor review feedback:

  1. Navigate to and open the document, and select Accept on the task.
  2. If applicable, select View Annotations (View Annotations Icon) to view and respond to any annotations left by the monitor. Optionally, you can tag the monitor in your reply by entering the at sign (@), entering a few letters of the monitor’s name, then selecting the monitor from the list.
  3. If applicable, select the Show more link on the task to view any instructions left by the monitor.
  4. When finished, select Complete on the task and select one of the following options in the dialog box:
    • Feedback Will Be Resolved Without Updating This Document: Select this option if you want to resolve the feedback without updating the document. The monitor is notified that the document is ready for rereview.
    • New Document Version Will Be Created: Select this option if you want to update the document with a new version. Complete the steps in the help for Creating New Draft Versions to update the document. Ensure that you finalize or approve the document to make it available for rereview.

Deleting All Annotations

After the monitor review process is complete, you can delete any remaining annotations from all versions of a steady-state document without updating the document version. To do so, select Delete Annotations from the document’s Workflow Actions menu and confirm the action in the dialog box.

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