Deleting Steady-State Documents

Learn how to delete a steady-state, major version document.

Note Only SiteVault users with the Site Administrator system role can complete the tasks on this page.

This page is about deleting all versions of a steady-state or major version document, for example, a Current, Final, or Approved for Use document. See the help for Deleting Documents to learn how to delete nonsteady-state documents.

Deleting Steady-State Documents

Research Organization Administrator and Site Administrator users can delete steady-state documents. Doing so permanently deletes all versions of the document, including any draft and superseded versions. When you delete all versions of a steady-state document, SiteVault retains an audit trail of the document but you can’t access or recover the document’s file or content.

Complete the following steps to delete all versions of a steady-state document:

  1. From the document’s All Actions menu, select Delete All Versions.
  2. In the dialog box, select a reason for the deletion, enter any optional comments, then select Continue. SiteVault closes the dialog box and removes all versions of the document while retaining the document’s audit trail for compliance purposes.

Viewing Deleted Document Records and Audit Trails

Research Organization Administrator users can view and export a list of deleted document records along with an audit trail.

Complete the following steps to view deleted document records and audit trails:

  1. To view deleted document records, navigate to the Reporting > Deleted Document Records tab.
  2. If you want to view additional details and access the audit trail for a record, select the link in the Details & Audit Trail column.
  3. If you want to view the audit trail, expand the Full Document Audit History section and select the link for the audit trail.

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