Exporting ePRO Response, Adherence, and Audit Trail Data

Export ePRO-related data in SiteVault.

Note Veeva ePRO is only available to sites conducting a study whose sponsor is utilizing Veeva ePRO in a Clinical Vault.

You can export ePRO-related response, adherence, and audit trail data for your study in SiteVault. The same data is available for you in SiteVault and for sponsors in Clinical Vault, so you and your study’s sponsor can share visibility into your study’s data without the need to exchange documents or data.

To export these data sets, complete the following steps:

  1. On the study record page, select the ellipses menu (All Actions ellipses icon).
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the action for the data set you want to export:
    • Export ePRO Responses: Downloads all submitted participant responses for all surveys in your study
    • Export ePRO Adherence Data: Downloads all participant adherence data for your study
    • Export ePRO Audit Trail: Downloads SiteVault audit trail entries and MyVeeva for Patients participant audit trail entries related to ePRO for your study
  3. Once the export starts, it may take a number of minutes before the file is ready. When the export finishes, you’ll receive an email and notification with a link to the export in SiteVault. Alternatively, you can navigate to Documents > Library and filter your library by Document Type = ePRO Export to locate the exported file there.

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