Overview of Veeva eConsent

Veeva eConsent is a set of features that allows you to consent participants into studies electronically.

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Overview of Veeva eConsent

Veeva eConsent enables study participants, signatories, and site staff to sign informed consent forms (ICFs) electronically, eliminating the need to print the forms and speeding up the consenting process. Participants and their signatories can review the forms at home on a familiar device, can read at their own pace, and can easily download and share the forms with their family and care team. Additionally, participants with accessibility requirements can zoom in and utilize screen readers.

The process of consenting participants into a study using Veeva eConsent uses the following general steps:

  1. The site staff creates, edits, and approves the ICF or ICFs in SiteVault and the Veeva eConsent editor.
  2. The site staff sends the ICF or ICFs to the participant and their signatories (if additional signatories are needed) in SiteVault.
  3. The participant and signatories review, sign, and submit the study ICFs in MyVeeva for Patients.
  4. The site staff (the approver on the sent ICF) countersigns the ICF in SiteVault.

See the Consent page on the MyVeeva for Patients Help website for more information about the participant’s experience during the eConsent process.

Getting Started

See the following pages for information on how to get started with Veeva eConsent in SiteVault:

  • Managing eConsent Forms: See the Managing eConsent Forms page to learn how to create, edit, and approve eConsent forms in SiteVault.
  • Consenting Participants: See the Consenting Participants page to learn how to send approved eConsent forms to participants to sign in MyVeeva for Patients and countersign them in SiteVault.
  • Veeva eConsent Glossary: See the Veeva eConsent Glossary to learn more about common terms in Veeva eConsent.
  • Training Resources: See the SiteVault Free Training Resources page for Veeva eConsent training resources. You can register for a group training session about how to use Veeva eConsent.

See the MyVeeva for Patients Resources page to learn more about the help, troubleshooting, release, and known issue resources that are available for participants and site staff.

Initiating or Completing Training Workflows
Managing eConsent Forms