Training Workflows

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Training workflows enable you to send one or more study documents to a selection of study team members. Each recipient must confirm they have read and understood each document.

Initiating a Training (or Read and Understand) Workflow

Complete the following steps to initiate a training workflow:

  1. Add to your Cart the document or documents that you want to send.
    • To be sent for Read and Understood, the included documents must be a Training Material document type or use the Draft to Final lifecycle (see the Lifecycle column on the SiteVault Document Types reference spreadsheet.
    • The included documents must be in their steady state (Final or Current).
  2. From the Actions menu in your cart, select Start Multi-Document Workflow.
  1. Select Send for Read and Understood or Send for Training, then select Continue.
  2. In the Start Multi-Document Workflow dialog box, enter a description, recipients, and a due date for the task. A person must be added to the appropriate study to be selectable in the Recipients field.
  3. Select Start.

Completing a Read and Understood Task

As a recipient of a read and understand task, you must confirm you have read and understood each of the included documents. Complete the following steps to complete a task:

  1. From the My Tasks view in the Home tab, select the task. Any documents that are included in the task are opened in the multi-document viewer.
  2. View a document by selecting it from among the list of included documents. When you are finished reviewing the document, select the document task link for that document.
  1. Select the verdict to confirm that you have read and understood this document, then select Save.
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each included document. When you are finished, select Complete on the task bar, then select Complete in the dialog box.

Viewing the Training Status of a Document

To view the training status of a document, select Run Training Report from the document’s Actions menu. The report can be exported as .PDF for sharing with sponsors or CROs. Alternatively, view the timeline view of the document.

Additional Information

  • You can send a single document without adding it to the cart – just use the document’s Actions menu.
  • The R&U Status field in the document metadata indicates whether a document has been circulated for a read and understand task (or whether it is currently in circulation).
  • The R&U Date Sent field in the document metadata indicates on what date a document was sent for a read and understand task.

Managing Regulatory Documents & Monitor Reviews