Document Lifecycles & Workflows

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Overview of Lifecycles

Document lifecycles are the sequences of states such as Draft and In Review a document goes through during its life.

SiteVault automatically assigns each created document to a lifecycle. From there, the document moves through its lifecycle states based on the actions you take on the document. Some actions are not available in certain lifecycle states, for example, you cannot approve a document if it’s already in the Approved lifecycle state.

Select here for information on supported document types and their required fields, naming format, and eBinder locations. See the table below for the states that documents can go through for each lifecycle.


Lifecycle States

Draft to Approved for Use

Draft to Approved for Use Workflow

Draft to Current

Draft to Current Workflow

Draft to Final

Draft to Final Workflow

Draft to Finalized

Draft to Finalized Workflow

Draft to Fully Executed

Draft to Fully Executed Workflow

Organization Profile

Organization Profile Workflow

Person Profile

Person Profile Workflow

Overview of Workflows

Workflows are used to update document statuses, certify documents as copies, and obtain electronic signatures on documents. To learn more about eSignature, click here. To learn more about certifying as copy, click here. To learn more about approving documents directly, click here.

Initiating a Workflow

Complete the following steps to initiate a workflow on a document:

  1. From the Actions menu, select a workflow action.
  2. Complete the information and fields required to start the workflow, and select Start.

Completing a Workflow Task

Complete workflow tasks from Home > My Tasks:

Complete workflow tasks from the My Tasks view in the Home tab. Completing a workflow task can require you to take action, such as providing an eSignature, approving a document, or verifying that you’ve read and understood a document.

Managing Documents
Using eSignatures