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Note The electronic signature applied to the SiteVault product is nonbiometric and requires the application of two distinct components (a user ID and password) and is compliant with FDA's 21CFR11 section §11.200 requirement of electronic signatures that are not based upon biometrics.

eSignatures provide a way for users to complete tasks and sign electronic records.

Sending Documents for eSignatures

Complete the following steps to send a document for an eSignature:

  1. From the Library or Doc Info page, select Send for eSignature from the Actions menu. The following document types allow eSignature workflow:
    • 1572 or Equivalent
    • Acceptance of IB
    • CV
    • Delegation of Authority
    • Financial Disclosure Form
    • Protocol Signature Page
  2. In the Approver(s) field, select the individual users or user groups who you want to review the document.
  3. Select an approval due date.
  4. Select Start to begin the eSignature workflow.

Completing eSignatures

Complete the following steps to complete and eSignature workflow:

  1. From the Home tab, select My Tasks.
  2. Select the document you want to eSign.
  3. Select Complete and complete the required fields.
  4. Enter your username and password to complete the eSignature workflow.

Viewing eSignatures on Documents

Navigate to a document with an eSignature

You can view an eSignature on a document from the Doc Info page in mixed view. Complete the following steps to view an eSignature:

  1. Navigate to a document with an eSignature.
  2. If necessary, select Mixed View.
  3. Under Signatures, you’ll see the eSignatures on the document. Additionally, you can view the Signature Page, which opens in a separate tab.

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