Sending Delegations for Acceptance & Approval

Learn how to send proposed delegations to study team members for acceptance and accepted delegations to the PI for approval.

Note Only SiteVault users with the Site Administrator system role can complete the tasks on this page.

See the Digital Delegation page to watch short how-to videos on using the Digital Delegation feature.

Sending Proposed Study Delegations to Site Staff for Acceptance

When you’re finished managing a study team member’s delegations, complete the following steps to send the proposed delegations for acceptance:

  1. Navigate to and open the Study Assignment page for the study team member.
  2. Select Send Delegations for Acceptance and start the action. SiteVault sends the user a task to review and accept the study assignment and delegations.

Sending Accepted Study Delegations for PI Approval

When a study team member accepts their assignment and delegations, SiteVault creates a PI Approval record that you can send to the PI for approval. The PI Approval record contains all of the currently accepted but unapproved delegations. As more study team members accept their delegations, SiteVault updates the PI Approval record with the new or updated delegations. You can send the PI Approval record for approval at any time, whether after a single study team member accepts or waiting until all study team members have accepted.

If needed, you can restart the acceptance process after a study team member has accepted the delegations. This enables you to update the delegations and resend them for acceptance before sending the delegations for PI approval. To restart the acceptance process, select Go Back to Proposed on the Study Assignment record detail page of the study team member.

Complete the following steps to send the delegations for approval:

  1. Ensure that the PI is added to the study as a study team member with the role of Principal Investigator in the Active state.
  2. Navigate to the study and expand the Delegations Ready for PI Approval section, then select the link for the PI Approval record to open the PI Approval page.
  3. If needed, expand the Study Staff Delegations section to review the delegations.
  4. Select Send Delegations for PI Approval on the page and start the action. SiteVault sends the PI a task to review and approve the study assignments and delegations.

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