Connected Studies FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about connected studies in SiteVault.

  • What is a SiteVault Universal Site Number (USN) and where do I find it for my research site?

    The USN is a unique number for your site that is assigned by Veeva after your SiteVault signup is approved. It can be used by sponsors or CROs to connect to your SiteVault to exchange documents and information on Connected Studies.

    To find your USN, navigate to the Profiles > Sites tab and open the record for your site (by selecting it). The USN is displayed in the USN field in the Details section.

    Image of where to find a site's USN in SiteVault
  • How do I send training logs to a sponsor?

    Complete the following steps to send training logs to a sponsor:

    1. Navigate to the Reporting > Reports tab, and open the Training Material Report by Study (Training Log) report.
    2. Select the study in the dialog box, then select Continue.
    3. Select Export to PDF from the actions menu (...) of the report.
    4. Upload the exported report as a document of type Training Evidence (study-specific), and change the state of the document to Final.
    5. Send the report to your sponsor. If your study is a Connected Study, see the Sending Documents to Sponsor/CRO page for information on sending the document directly to the sponsor or CRO from SiteVault.

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