Viewing Document Exchange and Comment History

Learn how to view the exchange and comment history on Connected Study documents.

For documents sent or received on a Connected Study, you can view the exchange and comment history in the Connected Study Details dialog box along with additional information in the Information panel on the document.

Image of the Connected Study Details dialog box

Complete the following steps to view a document’s distribution and comment history:

  1. Select Connected Study Details from the document’s All Actions menu ().
  2. To view the exchange history, select the Track Document Distribution tab in the dialog box. This tab displays the sponsors that the document version has been sent to along with the sent date.
  3. To view the comment history, select the See Sponsor/CRO Comment History icon (Comment History Icon) on the row of the Sponsor/CRO. The comments are displayed in chronological order along with the document version associated with each comment. You can select the document version link below a comment to view the document.
  4. If you want to export the distribution or comment history, select the Export icon (Export Icon) in the respective tab.

You can also view Connected Study-related information in the Sponsor/CRO Information section of the document’s Information panel. Expand the section to view information such as the last sent date, received date, and rescinded date.

Image of the Sponsor/CRO Information section on a document

Note The fields in the Sponsor/CRO Information section are empty by default and are updated when an exchange event occurs. For example, if a sponsor rescinds a previously sent document, SiteVault updates the Rescinded by Sponsor/CRO field to Yes.

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